Creating A Peaceful Mind For Kids

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Helping children to use

the powerful gift of IMAGINATION!

Relaxing Your Kids

For Success

Children are the most successful in using their imagination. Help them to use this powerful gift that is within all of us to assist them to grow in confidence, overcome issues, and acquire a positive mindset when it comes to making friends, and to cope with challenges that are a part of life such as going to school, new situations/circumstances. Their imagination can help them to be the best they can in anything that they do.

Marie has published a book of exercises for both children and parents, caregivers, guardians and those who want to help a child to grow in a healthy way, and to give them assistance with using their imaginations, using positive spoken language that reaches them in an age-appropriate fashion. Click on the link below to get yourself a copy of the book titled When I Squish My Eyes Shut

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